Bioclimatic architecture

Ciutat de Barcelona Award


The cooperative of architects Lacol has won the Ciutat de Barcelona award for the La Borda housing cooperative project. Ingetecnia has carried out the project for the structural calculation of the greenhouse that is installed on the roof of the building. The greenhouse was built by ININSA (Invernaderos e Ingeniería SA).

Integral bioclimatic system project


The holistic bioclimatic system (SBI) will form a transitional space between the building itself and the external environment, having the functionality of a “second skin” which protects the building from direct contact with the external environment and, therefore, will reduce the overall energy demands. It is a pioneering project to make use of passive thermal



Ingetecnia has collaborated with a greenhouse company to design the structure of the solar house prototype “Low3“, presented by the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) in the competition “Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 “. The project Low3 won the architecture competition. The structure was designed by the team of the UPC, including teachers and students of