Energy Efficiency Certification. Existing Buildings

What is an energy certification?

Energy certification is a process of study of energy systems and energy demand of a building, which allows for an energy rating of the building.

Each home will have a label similar to that already used in appliances and indicating how efficient it is in terms of energy consumption, and is currently used to label the newly built houses and classifies each property with a color code according to a scale of “A” category (the most efficient) to “G” (least efficient).

Who is it directed energy certification of existing buildings?

All owners who wish to sell or rent their homes from 01/01/13 shall make available to the buyer and / or tenant the existing building energy certificate.

Only excludes buildings and monuments protected, used as places of worship or residential buildings that are subject to a lease for less than four months a year.

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How is energy certification?

Our technicians collect information certified building. Subsequently fed into a computer program that analyzes the energy demand of the building and compares it with current regulations, thus obtaining the energy rating.

Delivered the corresponding document certifying compliance. This document must be included in the building project or renovation of the building.

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